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Two weeks ago, I did my first Crystal Chakra Balancing.  I have been meaning to write about this since but have not made the time.

Over a year ago, I read my first book on Crystal Healing and created a list of stones to pick up from The Crystal Ark.  I cleansed the stones, created a drawstring pouch for them and there they stayed for several months.  I took them out from time to time but did not do much of anything other then marvel over them and put them back into the pouch.

In the past couple of months, I read a book on Crystal Chakra Healing.  Two weeks ago, my partner was telling me of not feeling and I asked if they were up for me doing something with my crystals that evening.  That night was the first time I had brought out my Crystal Chakra set and put it to use.  I had pen and paper, a few books for guidance on where the Chakra’s were to be placed and just went with my curiosity and intuition.

I prefaced our session by saying I did not know what I was going to do, just that I was curious to see what the pendulum did over each Chakra.  I started off by holding the pendulum over the Base Chakra and worked my way up the body, noting what the pendulum did (although I did not think at the time to write down which direction the circles were going).  While dowsing, I did not ask a question nor did I have any intention in mind other then curiosity in how the pendulum would behave when being held over a Chakra.  I came to realize this when I looked at my notes wondering what direction were yes/no’s and exactly what was it answering to.  I did a quick “Is my name” question to see which was “yes” and which was “no”.  I was then curious wondering whether the Chakra’s were open or closed.  Without even thinking, I did this with the Chakra’s that had gone in circles as well as the “yes” answers asking “Is this Chakra open?” and “Is this Chakra closed?” and noted the answers in my notes I was taking.

I then placed the stones of my Crystal Chakra set on the chakra’s and let them “cook” for 15 minutes.  Afterwards, I went back and re-dowsed each Chakra, in the same order, writing down the pendulums reaction and noting the changes.  All of them had changed to no’s except for one.  While the crystals were “cooking”, I was flipping thru my Crystal Chakra Healing book, looking at the exercises.  There was an exercise on using a quartz crystal on the heart chakra which I did, re-dowsed again, and they all dowsed “no” answers!

As if I wasn’t ecstatic enough as I dowsed the second time to see the difference, I was over the moon after the third time and to have just balanced someone’s chakra’s!  I smiled for about three days straight after this session!

When I sat down and went over my notes, looking at it logically, I would have assumed things backwards to what my notes were showing me.  Because of how the session played out, I would assume the question to have been “Does this Chakra need balancing?” as opposed to “Is this Chakra out of balance?”  Certainly glad I went with my intuition and not my logical mind.

A week later I did another Crystal Chakra Healing, this time on a friend and was again, over the moon with excitement!  I did their Crystal Chakra Healing after doing a TFH balancing and flushing their meridians.  The interesting occurrence with their Crystal Chakra Healing was that after letting the stones do their work, all came into balance but one went out of balance which I then balanced with my Clear Quartz Wand.  I need to look into why that occurs and if it is normal.

Another thing I will note since my last blog post is that I have started another Crystal Healing Course which so far, I am absolutely loving!  Gives me something to compare the other course (which I am still enrolled in for now) to.

Reflecting on the Past Year

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In the last few days, I have been reflecting more on the past year of my life.  As I said to my partner last night while we laid in bed, candles lit, “Had someone told me a year ago where I would be today, I would have laughed at them.”

Since January, 2011:


After reading the book on Meditation and Dreamwork, I have gone from what a doctor labeled as “chronic hyperventilation” to breathing deeply into my diaphragm.  It was not until I read the book that I was even aware of how I was breathing – very shallow, very quickly and into my upper chest.

My mind, for the most part, is a lot quieter and I feel as though I am not letting fear stop me from doing anything.  Every once in a while there is a panic that sets in about money and needing to find a job.  I can thankfully calm my mind and remember that all I need in life will come to me when needed.


The biggest fear in leaving my “high paying, secure, career” for the unknown, was money.  Around the time I was making the decision as to whether or not to return to work post LTD, I came across the following horoscope:

This is one of the best times of the year for you and it is about to get even better.  Whatever risks you take you will succeed brilliantly.  What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Do it now.

Taking the leap of faith I did has really paid off for me.  I may be able to take most of this year off, leaving me the time necessary to take courses and get the practice in I desire for the adventures into my new career.  The small piece of citrine I have in my wallet has helped draw money to it.


The only glimmer of I hope I had was in learning more about Holistic Healing and Energy Medicine.  I knew a magic pill was only going to deal with the symptoms and not the underlying problem that was causing my dis-eases.  As an analyst, I was gifted with the knowledge that you often see symptoms of a problem and not the real problem itself.  This is also knowledge that was relayed from the various chiropractors I have had over the years.

A year ago, I was really down and out to the point of wondering if I would ever find happiness in any area of my life.  It was really hard to believe that I would ever crawl out from under that dark rock I was under.  Here I am now, atop the rock, enjoying life and having so much appreciation for what I have in my life.  As if I didn’t already have enough admiration for Mother Earth and all her wonders, last year I watched a documentary on the past 40 million years of the Earth and how it came to be as it is today.  Ever since then, even more, I really love and appreciate this beautiful planet we live on and marvel anytime I look at something that came out of the Earth.  Especially rocks and crystals because of how many thousands or millions of years it took those several layers to form.


Last weekend I did my first two Crystal Chakra Healings a few days apart.  I need to write a separate blog post about this but I was over the moon after the first one and don’t think I stopped smiling for a few days afterwards.  It has awoken something inside me that I have not seen in I don’t know how many years.  It has been since then, that I have started wondering if the last of my depression is gone but I don’t want to jinx myself in thinking it is.  I do feel very encouraged to know that all the dedication and hard work I have put into the last year of my life is paying off and life does have the potential to get continue getting better.


I saw a cardiologist about five to six years ago because of the heart palpitations I was having which was after undertaking some major changes in my life.  He gave me a clean bill stating I was “pretty healthy for a fat guy” and told there was absolutely nothing wrong with my heart and the palpitations were either from caffeine or anxiety.  Turns out it was anxiety since after removing caffeine from my diet, the palpitations continued and I was since diagnosed with anxiety.

The anxiety started going down after primarily learning breathing exercises (from Meditation and Dreamwork) among other tools to help reduce symptoms but they were still there.  It was not until the Fall when I decided to move forward in my life that the anxiety symptoms almost completely went away.

Inner Peace

There are things in my life that have made it hard for me to find peace within myself and body but this has changed in the past few weeks.  I have been waiting years for surgery that is finally coming up this year that will require at least 6-8 weeks to fully recover from and fearing it will interrupt my Touch for Health courses.  I have been programming for the surgery to happen in May, after my courses, and hoping I will be rewarded from finally pushing forward in my life over the past few months after putting my life on hold the past 5-6 years awaiting this surgery.


Before certain changes in my life started, I was a lot more talkative and open to those around me, including people I did not know.  Even when around people I do know, I have been very closed off and just not wanting to be interact with anyone.  I have noticed in the past few weeks that I have started opening up to and talking with people again.


I am very excited and really looking forward to the year ahead even though there is a lot of uncertainty!  Especially when all the above has changed and happened in 2011, all from me stopping fear from moving forward in my life.

Crystal Healing Course

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For the past year, I have been very engaged in reading the books I have bought on Energy Medicine and Holistic Healing.  Doing so has helped me to realize that when I am reading an article or book that does not really interest me, I cannot read it in its entirety, from top to bottom or cover to cover.  At best, I skim through and sometimes, I get off to a good start reading the first few paragraphs but then end up skimming through to the end, if not closing the window (or book) before the end.  You would be amazed how many online articles I open and only ever end up reading the title (and sometimes leading sentence and/or paragraph).

For the past several years, I had started to wonder if I either needed glasses or if there was something wrong with my brain that I could not read something in its entirety.  I am happy to report that I have read several of my new books, cover to cover, over the past year and no longer feel like there is something wrong with me when it comes to my inability to read.  Apparently I just was not reading the right subjects for myself!  Three of the books I have read through three times from cover to cover and a couple of them twice through!  This (among several other things) is giving me further validation for the path I am walking in life.

A few of the books I have picked up are a bit terse (more medical based and/or written by academics) but I am plugging through them anyways.  They have been the best sources of information behind how Energy Medicine and Holistic Healing works, backed by both science and scientific research.  A year later (and especially after reading those terser books), my understanding of Energy Medicine and Holistic Healing is starting to come full circle!

As wonder as the readings have been, I really want more experience in the “hands on” portion of my endeavor to becoming a holistic healer.  That’s not to say I have done no work outside of reading, just that I would like to be practicing a lot more then I am.  Volunteering for a local organisation using Touch for Health has not yet panned out due to my contact there being extremely busy over the holiday season which reminds me that I need to follow up with them again.

I had been getting antsy and needing to find something to do until the end of March since the Levels 3 and 4 of Touch for Health were postponed from late November/December to March/April.  I made the decision at the end of 2011 to focus on Crystal Healing and pulled the books on Crystals, Crystal Healing and Crystal Chakra Balancing off my shelf to read, study and take notes from.

There were a few hours over a few nights that I searched for local, online and correspondence courses that would be affordable, a reasonable time commitment, make sense to do using the given delivery, issue a certificate and most importantly, give me something to focus and ground myself into.  There is a website that offers three different crystal healing courses totaling $40USD.  I am skeptical about the quality and credibility of courses priced at $25 and $15 but figured it was not much money to lose should the courses not provide much value.

Then I came across another website that has three different levels of Crystal Healing, over 30 weeks, 10 weeks per level, new material each week and an exam at the end of each level.  I registered last Sunday after counting and seeing it would be exactly 10 weeks until Touch for Health Level 3 at the end of March.  The fact that this website charges you weekly, allowing you to cancel (and resume, both thru PayPal) the coursework at any time, made me feel that this site and its course material has some credibility.  I will work for a few weeks through the course before offering much insight into it and whether or not I would recommend it to others.  I may also at some point also do the other course.

Wish me luck!  Looking forward to unlocking the next week of material on Sunday!